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Discover The Future of Work

One of the major fallouts in the ongoing pandemic is people abstaining from touchscreen interfaces as they got wary of touching surfaces in fear of contracting the coronavirus. It led to an increase in the use of voice assistant services, which got brands thinking that voice might become an entry point for interactions and help clients engage better. To learn how organizations are preparing for a brand landscape dominated by voice, Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work surveyed 1,400 top marketing and IT executives at leading companies across Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Tune into a three part podcast series ‘From Eyes to Ears: Getting Your Brand Heard in the New Age of ‘Voice’’ where our panel of experts Jason Pedone, Senior Vice President, Mobile Banking & Emerging Channels, Truist; Mark Taylor, Senior Vice President, Cognizant Digital Experience, and Manish Bahl, Associate Vice President from Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, explore how brands can forge ahead in the new age of voice.

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