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Beyond Remotopia: Where is the Future of Work? – Part 2

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Beyond Remotopia: Where is the Future of Work? – Part 2

Desmond DickersonCognizant

The concept of remote work had already taken root before COVID-19, as a result of the benefits it delivered. The pandemic has only accelerated the transition. Now that a majority of work has moved to ‘work from anywhere’, what is next? Where is the future of work? What are some the real-life challenges we need to account for?

Welcome to the Part 2 of the Remotopia podcast series where our experts, moderator Desmond Dickerson, a Futurist within Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, Suzanne George, the Chief Architect of Cognizant Digital Business’s Virtual Workspace and Amanda Sabreah, Founder & CEO of Staat, discuss a range of subjects around the billowing virtual workplace – from questions to ask when the workplace goes virtual, through tapping new talent pools, reallocating savings from virtualization, to finding discipline and work-life balance.

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