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Case study

The challenge

Siemens Healthineers, a leading medical technology company, was operating a number of globally dispersed customer service centers, using over 20 different solutions to receive customer/engineer inquiries and support calls at a rate of about 15,000 calls per day. A review of existing operations and systems revealed challenges including high CapEx due to fragmented systems and high operational overheads, lower levels of experience available to handle critical device support calls and an increase in business SLA breaches. The company engaged Cognizant to move ahead with a CX transformation to deliver a modern, uniform experience with the highest level of service. Goals for the solution included using AI and virtual agent capabilities to push self-service, providing a platform for all remaining Healthineers customer service centers and delivering an end-to-end digitized customer experience.

Our approach

Cognizant performed a thorough analysis, shared feedback and market expertise, pinpointed drawbacks and proposed solutions for the new system. The focus was on delivering a consistent end-to-end experience that aligned with Siemens Healthineers guiding philosophy of building one harmonized customer experience. We deployed Genesys Cloud CX services across the globe with hubs in the US, Europe and Asia. Dual-tone multi-frequency and interactive voice response services give critical business support around the clock with AWS Lambda-based Identification Management. We also onboarded 2,200+ agents using an agile, sprint-based methodology in the US, Germany, Spain, UK and China. The project went live after five months and was completed in eight months.

Creating customer interactions that are “Always on. Always in touch.”

The end-to-end CX transformation encompasses a unified omnichannel desktop, delivered globally on an ambitious timeline with a high quality go-live and no negative impact to the business. The benefits of the implementation include a shortened onboarding timeline for new sites—from several months to about six weeks; a rapid shift to remote working via the new platform; an ability to route calls intelligently based on urgency; and a much more resilient IT infrastructure combined with innovations for users. The new Genesys Cloud CX also reduces future operational costs and offers new levels of digitization. Going forward, additional countries and organizations are slated for onboarding. There are also plans to expand the depth of functionality and adoption of technology to harvest further productivity.


agents onboarded

30% reduction

in licensure costs

99.9% availability

of services achieved, with 100% SLA adherence