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Engine for Innovation


Apart from the threats for non-compliance, including hefty fines and damaging brand reputation, GDPR is a positive step forward—and a key factor driving the need for digitization.


The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is much more than a regulatory obligation—it is an opportunity to drive efficiency, build trust and create new business opportunities.

With ready access to information online, customers expect more transparency and responsiveness from the custodians of their data. That’s why in today’s digital economy, businesses are looking for ways to delight their customers and establish trust. However, digital at scale is only successful if GDPR compliance is the core of their data, product and services strategy.

We are past the GDPR enforcement deadline. Are you compliant?

Whether you are just beginning your GDPR implementation process or have a mature privacy program in place, Cognizant can help ensure your privacy initiative is both GDPR-compliant and poised to become a key competitive asset.


Making the GDPR Journey Meaningful

While minimum GDPR standards cover EU citizens (customers and employees) and must be demonstrably in place by May 25, 2018, the journey does not end there. Past this deadline, regulators will look for a consistent methodology for analyzing data security risk.

Through a comprehensive GDPR implementation plan, supported by appropriate tools and technologies, businesses can improve their chances of adhering to the compliance. GDPR, approached in the right way, can enable organizations to thrive in a digital economy—and deliver a superior customer experience.

Achieving full GDPR-compliance implies updating your data governance, consent and data management. This, in turn, will lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Preparing for Digital Transformation

As businesses embark on digital transformation and leverage sensitive data to improve or create new services, they must also be accountable for governing and protecting this data. GDPR presents a unique opportunity to build trust and to drive the digital revolution.

Cognizant’s approach to GDPR, called GDPR+, recognizes the level of complexity that the regulation itself presents and offers pragmatic solutions. Our approach is founded on four critical areas of focus: Personal Data, People, Process and Technology. Depending where you are on your GDPR journey, we offer end-to-end GDPR solutions as well as bespoke ones to suit your business requirements.

Using GDPR+, you can transform today’s GDPR investment into real business value in key digital technologies, including consent data sharing, enhanced customer views, profiling, AI and analytics.

Our Compliance, Consulting and Implementation Program

With deadlines rapidly approaching, Cognizant’s GDPR Compliance Solution Suite of services helps organizations to:

  • Prepare for compliance now and leverage the investments for years to come
  • Move from being inefficiently compliant to attain efficient compliance
  • Improve data management architecture and systems while adding integrated consent management systems and automation

In addition to offering a Privacy Impact Assessment, our GDPR Compliance Solution Suite delivers value across six key areas needed for meeting the new regulatory requirements quickly. It turns your investment in GDPR into business value in areas such as consent data sharing, enhanced 360-degree customer views, profiling, analytics and AI.

Real-Time Window Into Compliance

Cognizant’s GDPR Enterprise Dashboards provide management with a real-time window into various levels and types of compliance issues, including breach notifications to your Data Protection Officer (DPO) and the Data Governance Council. These issues include:

  • Data subject identification
  • Consent breach
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) attributes
  • GDPR awareness and certification compliance at the organization level
  • Data Subject Rights (DSR) compliance
  • Systems/applications-wide security compliance
  • Record of processing



Cognizant has developed strong alliances with key technology partners that offer leading GDPR solutions. Our partnerships allow us to recommend the best-fit tools and accelerators to automate key activities, such as personal and sensitive data discovery for GDPR compliance, consent management and risk management.


Together with our partners, we have co-created multiple solutions to comply with GDPR and drive digital innovation.
Let’s talk today about you becoming a digital leader by viewing GDPR through a transformational lens.


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