Open for Business: Making the Workplace Safer for Employees and Customers


In a post-pandemic world, workers and customers simply will not enter a building unless they’re safe — and are reassured of it. We offer pragmatic advice on assessing safety needs and introducing new technologies to existing spaces.

COVID-19 has forced every company operating in a physical space to carefully consider its reopening tactics and strategy. All over the world, there’s new awareness about protecting oneself; in supermarkets, for example, masks, wipes and hand sanitizer are now as common as coupons.

In this environment, businesses seeking to reopen facilities face several challenges. First and foremost, they must make their buildings safe in ways never before considered — tracking people’s temperatures, ensuring hands are washed appropriately, enforcing social-distance guidelines.

Moreover, companies need to communicate the steps they’re taking in order to reassure workers and customers alike that risks have been minimized. Finally, it’s important to integrate this fleet of new-tech into existing building-control systems.

Cognizant Safe Buildings is a comprehensive solution that uses instrumentation, analytics and technology to help make buildings smarter — creating safer, healthier working environments that inspire trust, reduce risk and help companies turn chaos into a catalyst.

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