Managing Your New Virtual Teams Well


Many organizations suddenly have hundreds or thousands of employees working from home. If you’re concerned about keeping your people on track and working happy, these pro tips from remote working veterans can help you get your teams switched on, and keep them focused and productive.

Teleconferences, instant messaging tools and virtual teams are common tools among the growing masses who routinely work from home. Some organizations are as comfortable with WFH (work from home) as they are with other forms of BAU (business as usual). For other organizations, having employees go from their cubicles to their couches is a new and possibly stressful venture.

If yours is not an experienced remote-working culture, you may find it challenging to maintain productivity while practicing social distancing to keep employees healthy and safe from the spread of the coronavirus. To help your organization transition smoothly, we offer this checklist of WFH axioms to help you get remote working off the ground quickly, or refine your approach to help virtual teams perform successfully.

Advice in this article was offered by Ben Pring, leader of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work; Carol Pasmore, Cognizant Vice President of Transformation Enablement; and assorted WFH veterans.

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