Automation Becomes Essential to Navigating the Post-pandemic World


Pushed into uncharted territories by the COVID-19 crisis, businesses across industries are relying more on process automation, but have a long way to go before reaping its full potential.

Jettisoning its buzzword status once and for all, automation has emerged as a key enabler of digital ambitions worldwide and will be a critical operational elixir once the prolonged coronavirus pandemic recedes. From retailers to oil and gas giants, businesses of all shapes and sizes are rapidly deploying automation to keep operations humming.

As the demand for digital business change accelerated in the pandemic’s aftermath, automation has clearly come of age. Businesses see it as a remedy for process bottlenecks and an enabler for better decisions. But there is more to automation than this — it is at the core of any enterprise’s digital efforts and has major implications for the future of work — particularly as operational synergies are attained through thoughtful human-machine augmentation.

To understand how businesses are responding to massive and ongoing change, Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work (CFoW), working with Oxford Economics, surveyed 4,000 C-level executives globally.

For more, read our paper "The Work Ahead in Intelligent Automation: Coping with Complexity in a Post-Pandemic World".