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The Internet of Things (IoT) allows organizations to future-proof their operations during challenging times, implementing new capabilities and building resiliency at lower cost. Companies are using IoT to improve operations and productivity even as the economic outlook remains uncertain. To note just a few examples, organizations are making use of IoT for remote monitoring and to improve product quality and service delivery.

But not all businesses are getting the most out of their IoT initiatives, and entire industries are lagging. In an effort to learn why, we teamed with ESI ThoughtLab to assess the digital maturity of organizations across various sectors and geographies.

We learned that companies face fewer hurdles in adopting IoT than other technologies, and that IoT deployments grow easier as businesses become more digitally advanced. We also learned which factors lead to subpar IoT programs, and developed advice for enterprises seeking to improve their performance in this crucial arena.

To learn more, including the methodology of the research we performed with ESI ThoughtLab, see our ebook, “Embracing a More Connected Future Using IoT,” visit the IoT section of our website, or contact us.