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The work of yesterday is not the work of today. Employees are as likely to work in a café as in a cubicle. They’re fleeing the suburbs for cities. They’re using increasingly intelligent technologies and tools. And they’re facing new issues, like longer work lives and privacy threats.

More changes are on the near horizon — from how, where and why we work, through what the workplace (and we) look like while there, to the tools we use and issues we face while working.

We’ve pulled together a data-driven look at how work is changing now and in the near future. The infographic below highlights some key shifts we’re seeing right now that impact the future of our work.

To learn more, view our infographic “From-To: Chronicling the Ever-Morphing Nature of Work,” read our “From-To” e-book or visit us at Cognizant Center for the Future of Work.