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Gen Y, or millennials, were born digital. Gen Z was born mobile. Together we’re calling them Generation Now. Whatever terminology you choose, these consumers bring massive expectations to both internet-native companies and established brands with decades of service under their belts.

And while that was the case even before COVID-19, the pandemic and lockdown have served as a galvanizing event for Generation Now. Nearly overnight, “___ from home” (work, school, entertainment, exercise, graduations, birthdays, happy hours and more) became the norm.

Now more than ever, end users demand that technology anticipate their every want and need, providing personalized experiences through high-speed connections anytime, anywhere.

But beware: Our data also shows that digital fatigue was on the rise even before COVID-19 entered the picture. Bottom line? Generation Now’s attitudes toward connectivity, content and commerce have significantly altered how brands attract and retain this demographic.