Today, bots help us manage our homes, place orders, transfer money and pay bills, provide important information and solve problems. We see accelerated change and complexity in the conversational AI market, and it shows no signs of slowing — quite the contrary, in fact.

The next wave of experience-oriented artificial intelligence (AI) systems are blazing down the track, led by innovations such as augmented and virtual reality, computer vision, autonomous things and edge devices. Embedded in these user interfaces are the analytics, insights and intelligence to create more individualized, contextual and valuable interactions. Business leaders need a plan to scale and operationalize conversational AI while continuing to build a modernized data foundation to more broadly leverage other forms of AI.

The examples highlighted in our ebook draw on our experience with clients in myriad industries: banking, capital markets, communications, consumer goods, energy & utilities, healthcare, technology, and travel & hospitality. Collectively, these use cases demonstrate what can be delivered across an array of channels, interfaces and requirements.

For additional information see our ebook, “Achieve Unmatched User Experiences with Conversational AI” or visit the Conversational AI section of our website.