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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing force that promises new efficiencies, products — and profits. But for many organizations, there is a familiar scenario where IoT is concerned. A pilot project is announced and launched with great fanfare. Early results are promising. But when the time comes to expand the initiative to deliver bona fide business results … nothing. What worked as a pilot cannot be scaled, often for reasons that are never fully understood.

We wanted to understand why some IoT programs fizzle while others sizzle, so we partnered with Forrester Consulting to identify and explain five organizational levers that make all the difference. As our infographic illustrates, the challenges around IoT are significant — but for businesses willing to tame those challenges, the rewards are significant.

To learn more, read Forrester’s report, “No More IoT IOUs: Start Scaling IoT with Five Key Levers.” You can also visit the IoT section of our website or contact us.