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Reduce Customer Effort to Increase Customer Experience (Part 2)


Simplicity in Action: Think clear, consistent, proactive and easy to understand information across all your sales and support channels.

As our latest communications services provider study reveals, simplicity in everything from pricing to service and support is essential to reducing churn and cutting costs. Now it’s time to drill further into exactly what simplicity means for customers.

  • Products and services that are easy to understand and compare. For example, “For $19.95 more per month, you will receive, Showtime, HBO and our DVR service. For $29.95 more per month you receive all those plus our home monitoring service…”

  • Web sites and mobile apps that are so easy to use a customer rarely has to call their provider or visit a store. For example, observe customers using your interfaces to ensure they can easily find the buttons and screens they need when they need them, even on a mobile device, and that the next steps in the process are clear. Streamline the customer journey, reducing effort needed to complete tasks.

  • Clear information about pricing. That means eliminating cryptic acronyms describing charges, and no more unexplained surprise changes in bills. Provide offers and service bundles customized to each customer’s needs, based on their actual purchase and usage histories. For example, a communications provider might track which shows a user watched or how much data they use and proactively offer them more speed, or a lower-priced plan that better meets their needs. Or “We see you’re not a heavy sports fan, but have tried to access HBO three times in the last month, though you’re not a subscriber. Would you like us to unsubscribe you from all your sports channels and add HBO at no extra cost? Click ‘OK’ to accept and start your HBO access now.” This can be done leveraging real time analytics or intelligent automation, which we discuss further in the series.

  • Proactive notification of outages or problems. Don’t make customers wait on hold to report an outage or slowdown. Text them (if their Internet and phone are down,) explain clearly what the problem is and when you expect to solve it. And give them a credit for missed service or a defective product without their asking.

  • Clear, consistent information across all sales and support channels. This can be accomplished, in part, by using analytics to track customer interactions and complaint history among customer support representatives, something seven out of ten customers surveyed would like their communication providers to do. If your Web site says a customer’s triple play installation is scheduled for Wednesday, the customer care support agents on the phone should know that. Before offering a promotional bundle in their monthly bill or on the Web site, make sure that specific offer is available for that customer and in their service area. Consolidate internal systems to provide a single, consistent view of customer information across all sales and support channels, so a customer doesn’t have to repeat their question or problem to multiple representatives. By using real time analytics and consolidating data across multiple sources into simple views and providing actionable insights you make it easy for your frontline to create a better customer experience.

Figure 1

In our next Perspective, learn what it takes, from a technical and organizational perspective, to deliver simplicity to customers.

For additional study insights, see our infographic; to learn more about our communications services, visit our website.

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