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Discover The Future of Work

In 2017, Cognizant proposed 21 jobs that will emerge in the next 10 years and be central to the future of work. In 2018, we presented 21 more. Both reports espouse our argument that even as technology- and specifically AI- changes how we work, humans have never been more integral to the future of work.

Now, in 2019, we invite you to ponder 21 jobs of the future in marketing that we think are both plausible and prescient- and above all represent essential work that people still need to do: connecting people to stories, brands and experiences.

Could you have predicted the rise of the social media influencer back in 2009? The world of the marketer was once so simple: acquire people's attention and then shout the loudest. This approach worked when brands operated with fewer channels and targeted longer attention spans, but it's ineffective in a world where consumers are assailed with hundreds if not thousands of messages daily. Brands today are armed with algorithms that predict precisely what to serve up to customers and prospects, where and when. Digitally powered connectivity and data intelligence define the brand experience of the future.

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