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Discover The Future of Work

The enthusiasm around AI has gone through a metamorphosis, especially after COVID-19 pandemic changed how we look at technologies becoming integral to businesses and humans. A range of opinions exist around techs like AI from enthusiasm to outright fear of bots replacing human labor. A lot rests on the shoulders of leadership and government from educating people on new-age techs like AI to ensuring availability of proper training.

Tune into part 3 of ‘The Modern Business Imperative’ podcast series where our panel of experts John Reiners – Managing Editor, Thought Leadership, Oxford Economics and Cognizant Center for the Future of Work’s Ben Pring – VP and Managing Director and Euan Davis – AVP, discuss the expected role of AI, and the need to extend human capabilities with machine intelligence, as well as the requisite skills, attitudes and government assistance required to thrive in modern business.

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