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Welcome To Remotopia - A Virtual Workplace For Us All – Part 1

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Welcome To Remotopia - A Virtual Workplace For Us All – Part 1

Desmond DickersonCognizant

COVID-19 has redefined the future of work by relocating work from offices to homes and other settings. Even before COVID-19, Remotopia—work from home and from third spaces—was emerging as a place of the future. But now is the time for your organization to experiment and fine-tune remote working because, in a post-COVID world, Remotopia is where people will want to be.

We bring you a 2-part podcast series that features moderator, Desmond Dickerson, a Futurist within Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, Suzanne George, the Chief Architect of Cognizant Digital Business’s Virtual Workspace and Amanda Sabreah, Founder & CEO of Staat, who deliver practical tips and draw on real-world examples of how some organizations are building their very own Remotopias today to excel tomorrow.

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