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Discover The Future of Work

21 Jobs of the Future: A Guide to Getting- and Staying – Employed Over the Next 10 Years

Concern about a "jobless future" has never been greater. Seemingly every day an academic, researcher, or technology leader suggests that in a world of automation and artificial intelligence workers will increasingly be surplus to requirements- as Stanford University's Jerry Kaplan puts it, in the near future "Humans Need Not Apply".

The concerns are understandable. Artificial Intelligence- long academic theory and Hollywood plotline- is becoming "real" at an astonishing pace and finding its way into more and more aspects of work, rest, and play. AI is now being used to read X-Rays and MRIs. It's at the heart of stock trading. Chat with Siri or Alexa and you're using AI. Soon, AI will be found in every job, in every profession, in every industry around the world.

What Work Will Be Left in the Future?

When machines do everything lots of people wonder what will we do? What work will be left for people? How will we make a living when machines are cheaper, faster, and smarter than us? Machines that don't take breaks, vacations, get sick, or want to chat to their colleagues about last night's game. To many people the future of work is a bleak place full of temporary jobs (a "gig" economy), minimum wage labor, and a ruling technocracy safely hidden away in their gated communities and their circular living machines.

In the future work will change but won't go away. Many types of job will disappear. Many workers will struggle to adjust to the disappearance of the work they understand and find it hard to thrive with work they don't understand. Wrenching transformations- which is what the future of work holds for us all- are never easy. But a world without work is a fantasy which is no closer to reality in 2017 than it was 501 years ago upon the publication of Thomas More's Utopia.

21 Jobs of the Future to Emerge Over Next 10 Years

In the new report 21 Jobs of the Future, we propose 21 new jobs that will emerge over the next ten years and which will become cornerstones of the future of work. We believe that these are jobs that will create mass-employment, providing work for the many people in offices, stores, and factory floors displaced or disrupted by technology.

Our 21 jobs of the future are positioned over a 10 year timeline and according to their "tech-centricity". Some of the jobs are already here, or imminent. Some of them are still a few years out. Some of the jobs are highly technical whilst others won't require much tech-knowledge at all.

The jobs cover many disciplines, markets, and technologies, but fall within three key themes;

  • Coaching- helping people get better at things e.g. managing their finances, managing their weight.
  • Caring- improving people's health and wellness.
  • Connecting – man and machine, "traditional" and "shadow" IT, the physical and the virtual, commerce with ethics.

These 3C's speak to a universal truth- that no matter how technological our age becomes ultimately we, as humans, want the human touch.

Work has been central to mankind for millennia. Our very names convey that fact; Baker, Brewer, Glover, Woodman, Wright, Mason, Judge, Weaver, Hunter, Dyer, Fisher. In the future work will continue to be core to our identities, our nature, our dreams, and our realities. But it won't necessarily be the work we know or do now. Read the full 21 Jobs of the Future report to examine the new jobs that will be central to the future. You never know, one day, you might be doing one of them.

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