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The Vanity Fair Proust Questionnaire - Tech Edition

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The Vanity Fair Proust Questionnaire - Tech Edition

With due acknowledgment of the shoulders I’m standing on – Marcel Proust and Graydon Carter take a bow – I...

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With due acknowledgment of the shoulders I’m standing on – Marcel Proust and Graydon Carter take a bow – I present a tech version of the Vanity Fair questionnaire. Use this as a way to get to know your audience or your dinner party guests or your colleagues or team, and their attitudes to the future of work. My answers are to get the ball rolling. I’d love to read yours!

What's your favorite app? Shazam; blows my mind every time. How on earth does it work?

What’s the most over rated idea/ concept/ development in tech right now? The future of ERP Software.

Quantified Self - a wonderful way to get to the next level or a new form of self-flagellation that you’ll take a pass on thank you very much? Wonderful, but cut out the humble bragging please ...

Favorite Social Media platform? Twitter.

First digital action in the morning (news, email, FB etc)? Catch up with the Elvis Costello Fan Forum.

Do you want the right to be forgotten? Not really; I’d prefer the right to be remembered.

Apple - buy? Sell? Sell.

Is Uber worth $50bn? Yes.

What's your biggest tech triumph? Calling the future of software. In 2001.

Regret? Interviewing MarcBenioff live on stage in front of 10,000 people at Gartner’s Symposium in 2010.

AI - friend or foe? Friend.

Do you want a self-driving car? I don’t. But I imagine my 91 year old Mum would.

Who's your favorite technology vendor? Apple.

What’s the best “digital customer experience” you’ve had? Hotel Tonight.

What's the coolest thing in technology right now? That “things” are becoming enchanted.

If you didn't work for your current company who would you like to work for? Vanity Fair.

What's your biggest tech pet peeve? The Verizon Fios TV interface.

What new innovation would you most like to see? “Chauffeur” i.e. an Uber like app where you could get someone to drive you home in your own car when you’ve unexpectedly had one too many.

Who's your biggest tech hero? Tim Berners-Lee. Sir Tim Berners-Lee to you.

What's your greatest tech strength? Seeing the big picture.

Weakness? Disinterest in the small picture.

iOS v Android? iOS.

Snowden - hero or villain? I'll take the Fifth (on legal advice!) Ping me privately and we can talk!

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