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Data Inception: The Prism that Makes the Spectrum Possible For The Future Of Work

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Data Inception: The Prism that Makes the Spectrum Possible For The Future Of Work

Has everyone seen the movie “Inception”?  It’s pretty cool, and one of those films that my Code Halo has...

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Has everyone seen the movie “Inception”?  It’s pretty cool, and one of those films that my Code Halo has incepted via Netflix.  

But it occurs to me that the future of work and digital business hinges on that very verb in the title of the movie: a critical leap into the world of the digital is based on how, when and where (and increasingly, why) the right information is incepted into its business process workflow. 

Code Halos, of course, offer a great way of thinking about the inception of information and data, using the term "amplifier" as the first step in building any Code Halo; the amplifier being the mechanistic “onramp” for Code Halos information inception to occur.  Put another way, amplifiers that incept digitized data are effectively the “prism” that allow a multicolored insight of Code to occur, tied to business processes, algorithms, and meaning-making. 

Right now, some of the most tangible examples of good amplifiers for data inception are those that capture information about the movements of people through space and time (and increasingly goods, too).  The amplifiers we know best include laptops, wearables like the Nike Fuelband and – it’s coming – Google Glass, mobiles, Google Nest, etc.  This is in addition to “oldies, but goodies” like QR codes, POS payment services or even RFID tags.  For processes that surround people, retina displays are likely to be on the increase - can Kyle Reese's laser scan tattoo from “The Terminator” be too far behind?  Well, it appears that it’s here already.  

Since digital – and the enablement if it – is likely the big business and technology journey for the next decade, everyone seems to be talking about variations on this same thing.  Gartner analyst Cathy Tornbohm, for example, has coined the term “PETS” (process enhancement technologies and services) as one way to describe an inception layer wrapped around outsourced business processes, describing as it does things like e-invoicing, IVR, OCR, and the like that drive data extraction, digitization and validation.  We've seen platforms such as eBuilder in the supply chain space, that push data inception out to users and suppliers to digitize and automate processes to perfect ever-closer straight through data flows within supply chains.  But the real magic – and potential of Code Halos – happens when digitization, automaton, intelligence, analytics, and human judgment can interact together.

As we see the Internet of Things emerge and gain significant momentum in the comings years, more and more amplifiers and moments of inception will lead to digitized and automated processes, and further removing us from a world of “people paid to do data entry”.  As those resulting processes become ever-more connected, it will be the bridge to a future of process that allows autonomous and networked smart machines to thrive.   Don’t worry, experts don’t think it’s Human Zoo time in the foreseeable future – instead it is highly likely that the future of work will thrive on the new models, as long as they feature the heightened ability for optimal people-machine collaboration. When that happens, I’d like to change my name to Elroy and finally be able to wear my silver suit… Perhaps in my flying car?  (BTW – the new “Transcendence” looks good too – I need to wait for that to be incepted via my Code Halo when it’s ready to do so…)

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