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Business analytics In Europe IV - That Infographic

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Business analytics In Europe IV - That Infographic

I promised you, the loyal reader that my next post would offer “first dibs” on the analytics infographic. And here...

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I promised you, the loyal reader that my next post would offer “first dibs” on the analytics infographic. And here we are. Go check it out. It gives the European side of the business analytics story from “we know we need to do something” and “tell me what skills I need to build?” to the (very) important “Why bother?” Our study answers these questions with a whopping €624 billion economic carrot that will tempt the most relaxed company to sit up and take notice.

I’ve done my best to offer some European insights into the Center for the future of Work’s latest business analytics paper The Value of Signal (and the Cost of Noise) through a series of posts over the last few weeks. I wanted the infographic to demonstrate clearly what’s at stake and what an executive in Europe needs to know. I wanted to go beyond the tired old siren call of “DO IT NOW” and explore the nuances from the survey data. The infographic reveals the specific requirements that European firms seek (better risk and revenue targeting); the parts of the process landscape that they wish to enhance (product development processes and strategic service development); and how they will go about doing it (better data modelling, data granularity, better alerts etc). However what I found really striking from the data is an issue close to my heart—skills.

The results reveal where any budding school/college leaver or hungry graduate will be looking to beef up their CV with further education or work experience. Technology skills dominate today as European firms struggle with data quality. But they reveal what data roles they are seeking out for tomorrow—and they are guys or gals that can clean, load, test, research and attempt to explain human behaviour—to actually “make meaning” from data. That much debated skills/digital agenda in Europe might want to focus on roles associated with data, from the data hygienists (making sure the data is clean and accurate (no easy task)), the data explorers (finding the needle in the haystack of data), the solution architects (creating frameworks in which to analyse data), the data scientists (creating the models for analysis) and the campaign experts (needed to turn the models into meaningful results and socializing them around the business). The survey reveals that our audience is well and truly (ahem) Cognizant of the fact with 70% of projected job growth caught by demand for behavioural scientists. These people will need to be curious about everything. They will have a burning desire to innovate, explore, and test-and-learn like crazy. Can you train for it? Not sure. But it’s where the smart money will go. I hope you enjoy the paper and reading the infographic.

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