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Presidents are powerful people facing and dealing with complex nation, market and economy sized problems.  Making good decisions...

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Presidents are powerful people facing and dealing with complex nation, market and economy sized problems.  Making good decisions and managing deeply complex systems and organizations requires massive amounts of data, analysis, experience and understanding. Presidents must process and analyze huge numbers of data inputs, and have a clear understanding of what the data in aggregate means, and then have an understanding of how they can influence the outcomes by pulling the right levers of power and influence to achieve their goals. 

The responsibility of dealing with these massive levels of complexity seems almost inhuman.  In fact, so inhumane, perhaps it would be better to not have a human, but a bot as President.  Bots are designed and programmed to react in a prescribed way to data inputs. Data is fed into the artificial intelligence (AI) system within the bot, and the bot responds and takes actions as programmed.  Add machine and deep learning, and the bot can learn and make decisions faster and better every nanosecond. The more data that it can access and analyze, the more accurately it can predict how pulling the levers of power and influence can change outcomes to achieve a given goal. 

With a bot, the voters would vote on their preferred outcome and goals, and the associated algorithm, rather than on a personality, promise or televised debate result.  If you want more jobs, a better economy, more security and peace, then vote on the particular algorithm that would give you the predictable outcome of your choice.  The algorithm in the bot would take the millions of data inputs and use them to pull the levers of power and influence that deliver you, the voters’, mandate. 

A bot’s administration and cabinet would be a celebration of nerds and data scientists (perhaps redundant) - responsible for finding all the possible data inputs needed to be analyzed to make the best decisions, improving deep learning systems to find patterns and hidden meaning, and identifying the appropriate levers of power and influence that could be integrated with the bot to deliver the voters’ mandate. 

With a bot in office, public debates could focus on what our dreams and aspirations are for our society.  Many of which are widely shared.  A prosperous world that honors and supports our elders, invests in the best education, health, good jobs, safety, peace, respect and renewable energies for all of us. Who doesn’t want that?  We could dedicate our time to debating how best to collect the right data, improve the accuracy of data, ensure the right data is being analyzed, understanding what the data means, and then accurately identifying emerging levers of power and influence. 

With a bot as President, Sunday morning news programs could spend their time debating algorithms and comparing the outcomes based on game theory and actual data results on sexy business analytic dashboards.

If you are up for a data-driven decision-making world, then Bots for President 2020!

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