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Discover The Future of Work

Cognizant recently published 21 Jobs of the Future in Marketing representing essential work marketers will need to do, connecting people to stories, brands, and experiences. Simply put, concerns about a "jobless future" in the world of marketing miss the mark. As our latest piece of research reveals, expect to see a bonanza of jobs in the marketing office of the future. It is because the CMOs mandate is shifting, and he or she will need more help getting the job done.

For the CMO, capturing mindshare is one thing but making it linger is the new trick. In a world of hyper-connectivity, the CMO mandate for the next ten years will pivot on resonance—i.e., making meaning for the consumer and building brand experiences that last long after they happen. The point for marketers isn't about getting people to find a suitable product, service or brand, but getting them to stick around. So the 21 jobs we describe in the study build out from that premise.

The thing is, most marketers are very good at describing value. They can create headlines, features, benefits, all that stuff. The next step is creating separate and discrete value bundles, where content and interactions accrue—creating stickiness—regardless of whether a customer buys the product or service or not. Get it right, and your brand captures unassailable mindshare; and the customer will return time and again, building trust and interest with each expanding interaction. New tasks and new activities, in effect new jobs, are needed in the CMO office of the future to make it happen.

So, while other professions might fret about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) or automation gobbling up work, CMOs must see this the other way round: Could your company use an incredibly sophisticated conversational interface and turbo-charge the customer experience through AI? Perhaps your organization needs to invest in "haptics" to turn the perception of a cheap item into a truly sensorial experience, which is one of my favorite new jobs, the haptic planner, that you can find in the study. What about the services of a sixth sense analyst, a purpose planner, or the intriguing head of bot creative?

Cognizant proposes 21 new jobs that will emerge over the next ten years and become cornerstones of the new CMO mandate. In producing this report, we imagined the many jobs that could emerge within the major macroeconomic, political, demographic, societal, cultural, business and technology trends observable today. We considered the rise of circular economies; the growth of hyper-personalization; rising populism; aging populations; sustainability; data; ethics; robot and machines; automation; AI; biotechnology; and virtual reality. In effect, the whole caboodle of trends colliding together in the next ten years.

Most importantly, we believe these jobs will create opportunities for employment, providing work for the many people that currently toil in marketing and are perhaps confused by the havoc that the rapid acceleration of technology portends. The jobs we describe are not science fiction- they're jobs a CMO will ask their HR department to fill, and the CFO to fund before too long. Some major on technology, while others require an extra dose of empathy and emotional intelligence that only humans can provide and good marketers excel at. Still, others fuse dollops of related and unrelated disciplines (think science and chemistry, sustainability and ethics, etc.). What is clear is that the marketing world has changed dramatically during the last ten years and will change even more in the next decade as well. This is why the jobs we describe in 21 Jobs of the Future in Marketing are integral to the future success of the CMO, his team and the work done to drive customer engagement. We would be interested to hear your feedback because we suspect you are doing some of the tasks and activities already.

PS. I would like to thank my colleagues at Zone and Mirabeau who provided invaluable subject matter expertise and helped put together the job profiles you can read in the study. They also gave the study a design edge which we hope you will enjoy.