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From the onset of the Industrial Revolution through the dawning of COVID-19, work for most was inextricably linked to a physical location. And despite the slow but steady growth in work from home, if not anywhere, most business leaders remained unconvinced — for a variety of organizational, cultural and technological reasons — that remote work could become the rule rather than the exception. (Attend our Remotopia webinar to learn how.)

The pandemic, and its resulting shelter at home and social distancing mandates, suddenly changed everything. Organizations had no choice but to keep business ticking, and the only way to do so was to unleash Remotopia — a virtual environment to enable employees to work remotely nearly as effectively as they do in the office.

While the benefits of remote work to both employers and employees have long been understood, remote work necessitated by the pandemic is allowing nearly everyone to experience the benefits at scale. This is likely to leave a lasting impact once the pandemic disappears, making Remotopia a permanent fixture in the business world.

To effectively gear up for this massive change, organizations must focus on security improvements, better collaboration and engagement tools and invoke creative thinking to keep employees delighted and productive in the ways and means that Remotopia enables and compels. Moreover, employees must do their part to make Remotopia work for all.

To learn more, read “Welcome to Remotopia” and attend our webinar on how to make virtual work, work. Visit the Cognizant Center for the Future of Work for more insights.