Real-time decisions require a modern data architecture

Data modernization is essential to becoming a digital business.

Every organization is facing extraordinary circumstances and unexpected disruption brought on by the COVID crisis. Business success hinges upon the ability to anticipate market changes, quickly adapt operations and forge alternate pathways to deliver products and services to their clients.

Companies need a clear way to transform how they source, interpret and consume information. That requires flexible data structures and a modern data and analytics platform capable of turning chaos into a catalyst based on insightful, actionable intelligence.

Data for the Modern Enterprise

Data-driven enterprises consolidate siloed data sources and migrate legacy systems onto the cloud to deliver analytics and intelligence that inform everything from operations process automation to customer experiences.

Lower costs and democratized data increase speed of access and management. It enables dynamic forecasting and complete visibility into supply chains and improves security measures that ensure ongoing privacy compliance—like remote work.


Data Modernization: The Foundation for Digital Transformation

How leading organizations transformed their digital core to operate with precision in a fast-moving world.

Driving Results

Our cloud-based data modernization approach provides a highly accessible, useful and compliant platform that delivers cost savings and powers the analytics to enhance personalization and optimize forecasting. Amazon Web ServicesGoogle Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure make-up our robust, long-term cloud-partner ecosystem.

With thousands of associates, Cognizant’s experts are able to mobilize quickly to realize our clients’ data modernization vision. Our three-step modernization methodology includes; the evaluation of your data readiness using a proprietary reference and maturity model; the implementation of a modernization program by deploying tools and accelerators; and management and governance systems for continuous improvement.

Typical results include*:

  • A deployed data platform within one month
  • 40% decrease in data storage costs
  • 30-60% faster time to market
  • ROI in six months
  • 4x faster transition

Our data modernization solution pinpoints bottlenecks in supply chains and helps improve product assortment, pricing, forecasting and marketing channels, driving costs down and revenues up. New business models monetize data and generate direct revenues from data sets, insights and analytics-based services and a resilient data infrastructure and process capabilities enhance customer service and sales.

Based on actual client engagements. Individual results may vary.

It’s time to take charge of your data

How fast do you want to go?


Data Modernization Method

An innovative combination of reference models, intellectual property and valued-added services that construct a maximum-value data ecosystem. It easily enables cloud or on-site capabilities with pre-engineered platform components, tools and accelerators to expedite data monetization.

Unlock the value in legacy data stores and accelerate time to market with faster insight delivery through AI-enabled data engineering.



Data Modernization Platform

The Platform is a pre-integrated, end-to-end solution from ingesting data to operationalizing analytics enterprise-wide.

It enables sophisticated customer data, business analytics, AI and machine learning solutions from a wide-range of information sources for timely, intuitive and context–specific decision-making.