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Case study

The challenge

One of the largest U.S.-based fast food companies needed better insights and visibility into its business to improve decision-making, provide more self-service data analysis for franchisees and improve the dining experience through expanded loyalty offerings. To achieve these objectives, the company retired its on-premises data warehouse and moved to Cognizant BigDecisions, our modern, cloud-based artificial intelligence platform.

Our approach

Cognizant worked with the restaurant chain to address data loss and discrepancies within its legacy data warehouse. We created a plan for the company to move from IT-driven business intelligence to analytics-driven insights, supplying executives with immediate information to support better decisions.

A delivery dashboard provides key insights, as well as quick insights on sales, product mix, and the performance of promotions and discounts, while consolidating a single view of data from multiple locations. An operations scorecard tracks store performance compared to the national average.

Real-time reports unlock insights for executives and store employees

Insights help the company’s president and finance team find and resolve real-time operational challenges in restaurants. The chief marketing officer and staff track sales of particular menu items through the dashboard, driving insights into customer preferences. A daily business summary view helps employees better manage inventory and increase labor efficiency by taking into consideration local sports, entertainment and weather factors. The company now saves money on software licenses while promoting flexibility and improving responsiveness to business needs.


reduction in the average order time per drive-through customer


North American stores have real-time access to data warehouse information, greatly increasing data accuracy