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Case study

The challenge

Content production costs were rising steadily for a major pharmaceutical company using the services of multiple creative agencies across Europe. Despite leveraging common tools, the agency content lacked brand consistency across channels. Different delivery models for different content types led to redundant assets, delayed market commitments and added budgetary pressure. Processes were inefficient, productivity was low and brand budgets were negatively impacted. With agencies running in different directions and minimal oversight, management was unhappy with the cost and impact of its marketing campaigns.

Our approach

After reviewing 27 creative agencies, the pharmaceutical giant selected Cognizant's Marketing Operations Solutions team for its campaign turnaround speed, production quality and value. We presented a long-term strategy and illustrated how additional innovation would lead to more content reuse and greater savings.

To introduce consistent messaging across digital channels, the Cognizant team first designed a digital content factory model to produce regional content with centralized control. The unified process of the program improved quality by establishing a playbook of guidelines and templates that standardized brand assets. This provided greater visibility to the way the creative, development and testing teams consumed assets.

Cognizant also migrated the marketing websites to Adobe Experience Manager to reduce hosting costs and to provide a stronger digital foundation. The team rebuilt the sites using responsive design to improve the user experience and to further save on brand development and maintenance costs.

Greater visibility and control across campaigns

The scalable digital content factory provides the client with greater control and visibility of asset performance across campaigns. Websites and delivery channels get to market 30% faster and with higher quality messaging. With campaigns on schedule and processes optimized, the company reports a 50% cost savings—and increased brand consistency across the board. Today, the client has far greater control and can track asset performance by agency and campaign. The ongoing five-year engagement continues to introduce efficiencies in cross-channel digital control, enabling marketing to reinvest savings in other activities.


cost savings through faster turnaround time and production


faster time to market for websites and delivery channels


messaging consistency and quality of assets