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Case study

The challenge

A leading US-based insurance company, wanted to mature its digital transformation journey, drive faster time to market, enhance customer experiences and gain greater customer retention by closely monitoring industry trends and market position. This customer-centric focus required a major shift in how quality assurance (QA) was handled by the company’s IT and program teams. Accelerated QA feedback cycles, fail-fast approaches and self-sustainable teams became catalysts for success, which required a cohesive, flexible, and scalable automation ecosystem. As a trusted Quality Engineering and Assurance (QE&A) partner of more than a decade, we worked with the company to implement a platform-based automation solution for its needs. It was essential to ensure this automation ecosystem catered to various automation testing needs, such as web, API, database and Windows desktop applications.

Our approach

After assessing other industry-leading options, our QE&A team zeroed in on Cognizant Intelligent Test Scripter (CITS)—an open-source, script-less test automation solution developed by Cognizant. With the foundation set, our team expanded the base product features with use cases that powered agile and digital-ready automation.

Our team integrated Access Continuum with CITS for accessibility automation testing and dynamic object healing to reduce maintenance efforts. We added automation test assets to Azure’s DevOps pipeline that supported continuous integration and continuous deployments. In addition, we created and integrated a java-based API framework with the CITS platform to focus on service level validations. For Windows desktop applications, we added the WinAppDriver feature. Our team also created automated email execution statuses through Cucumber BDD reports. The platform implementation was scaled with a pilot and expand approach, resulting in better acceptance of the automation features without any loss of work.

CITS platform paves way for a 360-degree automation ecosystem

The holistic approach of the expanded CITS platform supported the diverse needs of the company’s QA teams. It enabled teams to accelerate QA feedback during the program lifecycle across the company’s various lines of business and IT ecosystem.

The solution also helped the company accelerate technical transformation for 80% of associates, which achieved our client’s goal of enabling self-sustainable teams. The CITS platform is part of an ongoing initiative that continues to create further opportunities for the company to transform project delivery across the IT lifecycle and help our client reach maturity in its digital and agile journey. With its enhanced automation ecosystem, our client can now operate with electrifying speed—and create financial experiences that delight customers.


reduction in testing hours


in soft dollar savings


reduction in script maintenance