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Case study

The challenge

A global automaker wanted to implement intelligent process automation (IPA) to drive back-office business process improvements in its Latin American operations. With cut-throat competition on prices and rising R&D costs, developing scalable streamlined solutions across business units and geographies is critical to reduce operational costs and time spent performing labor-intensive and iterative processes.

Our client’s administrative operations included many such processes, but its main challenges were a lack of coordination across business units, an incomplete view into processes and an inability to quantify ROI. In addition, the automaker’s more complex and high-value processes were both resource- and time-intensive and increased operational costs. The client leveraged Cognizant’s intelligent process automation solutions to establish a scalable IPA ecosystem to meaningfully improve its bottom line.

Our approach

Cognizant’s Automation Center of Excellence cataloged and analyzed the full range of the automaker’s back-office business processes by function and department, identifying and prioritizing more than 50 labor-intensive processes for transformation. Hundreds of thousands of manual transactions and errors were eliminated, lowering costs. We documented how much time was spent on each process to establish baseline metrics and set up success measures for new initiatives. Using agile development, we implemented UiPath and automated processes in 12 four-week sprints to accelerate ROI from five processes in each sprint across multiple lines of business.

Accelerating operations generates long-term value

Our intelligent automation solution interacts with more than 25 applications, applying business rules to process complex transactions and securing information. Plus, management now has dashboards for visibility into workflow efficiency and key metrics. This resulted in meaningful improvements to the automaker’s bottom line. Our client also adopted and then seamlessly migrated to PEGA, a leading global cloud platform for customer engagement and operational excellence—promoting universal adoption of robotic process automation for the selected processes.


savings annually in the first two sprints


error-handling and exceptions notifications


return on investment