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Case study

The challenge

A luxury car company sought to increase sales by providing customers with personalized offers based on their purchase and service history, driving habits, outside interests and demographics. While the automaker had most of the data required to make the right offer to a customer, different departments focused on their own slice of data and conducted separate marketing campaigns. Without a holistic view of the customer, departments sent overlapping offers—some irrelevant—and, consequently, customers paid little attention. With different countries using different marketing platforms, the cost of innovation increased as well. The client engaged Cognizant to build a personalized marketing platform that would deliver the right offer through the right channel at the right time.

Our approach

As the first step, the Cognizant Digital Experience team created a global blueprint for infrastructure, data model, marketing platform, reports and analytics models. Next, we rolled out the beta solution in a test market and introduced the product in phases to meet the company’s aggressive timeline. The first phase—launched in just three months—included email marketing campaigns and business intelligence dashboards. This model was enhanced in the second phase with automated prospect identification. We also integrated Adobe Campaign to track response and automate complex workflows, as well as Adobe Analytics, while adding a text channel and loyalty app. We enabled the data management platform on Adobe Audience Manager to bring in more data from third parties and social media.

Platform delivers personalized, automated offers for customers

Our cloud-based solution creates a 360-degree customer view by consolidating the company’s data, such as sales and service history, website visits and driving history, along with data from external sources like social media. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the solution identifies the next best offer, which is automatically extended through the best channel, depending on the offer and customer preferences. The platform pushes the responses to Adobe Campaign, and the results appear on an interactive dashboard. Then the results are fed back into the analytics engine to make the predictions better. Using the same design across regions enables a central team to manage, support and maintain the platform. We also ensured the solution complies with auditing, privacy and security requirements by working closely with the company.


more sales prospects generated in the first year


expected increase in repurchase conversion rate over three years


email open rate to 45% and email click-through rate to 20%