Case study

The challenge

A leading telecommunications provider operating in more than 20 countries faced huge losses from fraudulent applications for free or discounted handsets. Agents responsible for fraud detection tried checking applications manually against credit agency databases and cloud services. However, data entry errors often led to incorrect assessments that approved fraudsters and denied genuine customers. The client wanted to automate the fraud assessment process to reduce loss and improve the customer experience.

Our approach

The client engaged Cognizant to provide a real-time fraud risk assessment solution at the point of sale. We formed a nine-member team of developers and an agile coach to set up a cloud-native application on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) platform, which communicated with data sources via APIs. Following a three-phased approach, we integrated with a leading credit agency’s decision engine in the first phase and added microservices that checked the SAS Credit Scoring service and Vlocity, our client’s CRM application, in the second and third phases. To accelerate delivery of high-quality code, we used agile techniques, including test driven development (TDD) and continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

The cloud-native design also made the application scalable to accommodate business growth. It currently handles 2,500 transactions a week but can automatically scale up to 70,000.

Cloud-native application reduces loss, improves customer experience

By automating the manual scoring process, Cognizant not only enables on-the-spot approval for 90% of applications in less than one second but also eliminates any downtime during deployment. High availability of 99.9% for the application helps avoid long lines in stores. Our real-time fraud assessment solution also helps the telecom provider save up to AUD 30 million.


of savings due to reduced loss from fraud


availability due to zero application downtime


customer experience through on-the-spot approval for 90% applications