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March 05, 2024

How close collaboration empowered an informative capabilities assessment

A banking company tackles tech debt with Cognizant's assessment, unlocking improved operations and improved customer experiences.

How outdated technology led to inconsistent customer experiences

A banking holding company did not have the most up-to-date technology to level up its marketing and customer experience. Tech debt led to redundancies, making it difficult to optimize operations. The team reached out to Cognizant requesting a capabilities assessment, seeking validation about their digital transformation path and help to secure buy-in for it.

Charting the path towards a meaningful digital banking transformation

Cognizant worked alongside this banking company’s marketing team to conduct a 12-week discovery and capabilities assessment. The assessment focused on the maturity of people, processes and technology, as well as their strength in the 4Ps—presence, personalization, persistence and partnership.

Driving results

As a result of this assessment, the marketing team received strategic recommendations that, if implemented, would improve internal operations while revolutionizing the customer experience.

The recommendations provide insights into:

  • Crafting behavioral-based omnichannel personalization
  • Establishing a data-driven, real-time contact strategy
  • Creating seamless experiences, across digital and branch, with process-driven campaign iteration, a robust template library and ongoing optimization

Now, the client has a trusted partner to help secure the necessary buy-in for its digital transformation and can implement those changes with ease.

Keegan Chamberlin

Senior Marketing Content Manager

Keegan Chamberlin

Keegan is a thought leader with 7+ years of experience focused on delivering engaging storytelling that solves audiences' most pressing problems within the banking, finance, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods industries.

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