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Cognizant is one of the only partners globally to receive the prestigious Salesforce Marketing Cloud Full Stack designation in 2023.

Discover how customized solutions support customer engagement success.

As a top Salesforce partner, we're proud to have achieved the coveted Expert status in Marketing Cloud—just one facet of our expertise. We bring strategic and technical knowledge to every client engagement to build solutions that help you maximize your MarTech investment.
Formed from Cognizant’s 2020 acquisition of Lev, our highly skilled team includes experts in marketing, technology, strategy and consulting. Because your brand is like no other, we build custom solutions that work specifically for you.


Building deeper customer connections

Strategy drives every customer engagement—from leading global digital transformations to reinventing customer journeys, or even completely reimagining the way you use Salesforce. Here’s how we can help:

  • Customer lifecycle strategy
    We’ll deliver a winning strategy to acquire, engage and retain your customers throughout the customer lifecycle and achieve your digital marketing goals.
  • Journey mapping
    Understanding your audience is key to developing customer-centric journeys that lead to higher revenue, happier customers and lower operational costs.
  • Digital roadmaps
    We’ll create roadmaps to outline the steps it takes to undergo a digital transformation—including the necessary resources, tools and timelines.
  • Industry benchmarks
    With industry-specific insights, understand where you are against the competition and become empowered to identify opportunities for your brand.
  • Segmentation and personalization
    Through list segmentation and message personalization, we’ll deliver marketing campaigns that cater to your diverse customer base and maximize your impact.
  • Maturity assessments
    We’ll analyze where you are in your marketing maturity journey so you can take the next step towards modernizing your operations.

MarTech stack digital transformation

When it comes to planning and implementing solutions, we’ve seen it all—from large, global organizations to small companies and across all industries. With a winning combination of next-level marketing strategies and deep technical expertise, we’ll maximize your ROI and set your team up for success.

  • Comprehensive account implementation and configuration
    We’ll manage every detail of setting up your account to ensure your long-term success—including users and roles, domain set-up, IP warming and naming conventions.
  • Powerful platform and data migrations
    Through an in-depth discovery, we’ll uncover and migrate any relevant assets with quality, care and efficiency.
  • Establish a legendary customer experience
    We’ll modernize the assets that create a remarkable personalized customer experience—from email templates with dynamic content to custom preference centers, landing pages and journeys.
  • Next-level training and enablement
    Platform ownership is vital. That’s why we empower you with custom training and enablement plans so you can continue your growth.

Seamless technology integration

Having a single, complete view of the customer can accelerate a business, but bringing together multiple data sources and merging customer data is no small task. We’ve executed countless integrations, making us experts in data mapping, migrations and building audience segments to help our clients better connect across their entire business.

  • Data auditing and cleansing
    New eyes on your marketing program can make all the difference in ensuring that your technical architecture allows you to optimize your Salesforce platforms.
  • Data transformations
    We’ve managed migrations from nearly every platform on the market. Sometimes legacy data needs to be realigned to enable businesses to maximize their investment.
  • Industry solutions
    Based on our industry-specific knowledge of regulations and governance implications, we’ll enable you to establish processes built around compliance.

Marketing strategy optimization

We’ll dig deep into your business to identify areas of opportunity for growth and provide strategic recommendations backed by proven results in advanced channel and audience segmentation, personalization, creative and data services.

  • Expert consulting
    Gain recommendations on campaign ideation, optimization and reporting, campaign and content analysis, MarTech implementations and strategy, and more.
  • Personalization
    By performing a comprehensive audit of your customers and segments, we’ll craft effective segmentation and personalization strategies that are designed for optimal engagement and revenue results.
  • Cross-channel campaign performance
    From paid ads to email, we’ll perform a deep dive into your current cross-channel campaigns, including revenue generation, deliverability metrics, engagement metrics, segmentation, device usage and content effectiveness to identify opportunities that optimize engagement and drive results.
  • Creative and strategy
    We’ll reimagine an effective ad strategy and campaigns that engage your customers through every step of their journey with your brand.
  • Deliverability assessments
    We’ll analyze current sending practices, sender reputation, subscriber engagement, list hygiene and email acquisition tactics to provide a comprehensive strategy that ensures your emails are making it to your customers’ inboxes.

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