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Case study

The challenge

A leading global provider of products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry supports 22,000 employees through an IT service desk. It handles incidents and service requests, along with user communications, at the instances of outages and planned changes to services. Employees rely on traditional channels, including phone, email and web, to communicate with the IT service desk and this results in an inefficient customer support process. Increased call volume was one of the major issues for the energy provider’s IT service desk, as was the IT self-service portal’s lack of interactive content, a knowledge base and self-help capabilities.

Our approach

The Cognizant team analyzed the client’s need to move from its existing legacy IT support system and recommended a next-generation digital support channel, based on artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, that would address core end-user experience issues. The proposed transition would also help the company promote and implement self-help capabilities.

Redirecting service desk communications from traditional and costly contact channels to a virtual assistant (VA) increased the energy provider's efficiency and productivity. Our team worked to identify opportunities where end-users' IT issues could be resolved through self-help capabilities using the WorkNEXT AI-powered service desk offering. This offering provides an integrated VA powered by AI, natural language understanding and machine learning. We integrated the VA with the client's intranet portal, so when a user poses a question to it, the VA refers to the knowledge management (KM) repository and provides solutions. This digital experience is made available across self-help solutions, guides and instructions to resolve common IT issues.

User satisfaction increases by 60%

Implementing an AI-powered VA enabled the energy provider to enhance the end-user experience and increase productivity with faster issue resolution, all while promoting self-help solutions and enabling auto-escalation of tickets, as required.


of chat channel queries handled via VA


of user queries resolved


of emails deflected to VA and live chat