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Case study

The challenge

A leading US property and casualty insurer faced major challenges, including high attrition rates, negative customer service experiences and failed performance metrics, as a result of the poor performance of its existing service provider. The insurer wanted a new provider that could efficiently manage both its onshore and offshore facilities. Cognizant’s 12-year relationship providing IT support to the insurer, as well as our significant presence in the US insurance industry and extensive experience in managing insurance back-office operations, made us an appropriate choice for this new role, and the insurer subsequently engaged Cognizant to transition and stabilize its call centers and back-office operations within a stringent six-month time frame.

Our approach

One of the initial tasks that Cognizant undertook was conducting migration planning workshops to facilitate discussions, identify skills requirements for each line of business and set up a detailed transition plan that helped define the insurer’s hiring needs and training scope. We onboarded 250 team members in the Philippines and 120 in the US within a span of five weeks. We also integrated a team of 300 resources in the Philippines to support the insurer’s clinical strategy and deployed creative training techniques through “train-the-trainer” programs to reduce migration time and transfer rate. Our digital transformation of the company’s platform for its contact center improved the customer experience. In addition, we piloted the insurer’s first ever customer-facing contact center in the Philippines, implemented a first call resolution approach to eliminate redundant calls, and established a robust forecasting and scheduling framework to ensure adherence to contact center service-level agreements (SLAs).

Integrating a well-defined digital strategy reduces attrition, improves customer experience

Cognizant’s cultural alignment, partnership mindset and collaboration with subject-matter experts are clear differentiators that helped us exceed the insurer’s requirements in every area. Leveraging our improved methodologies, digital capabilities and operational efficiency measures, we continue to reduce the company’s overall operational costs and transfer rates and to improve its process efficiency. The insurer is now collaborating with Cognizant to add other digital capabilities, such as chatbots, sentiment analytics, and robotic and intelligent process automation.


migration time improvement, resulting in reduced migration costs


improvement over set service level goals


SLA adherence, against a target of 90%