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Case study

The challenge

A leading multiline insurance company wanted to streamline its claims processing operations to deliver a better customer experience. Processing a single disability claim required multiple handoffs between systems and people. This complexity meant the company often did not collect the information needed to adjudicate its claims. High rework levels and slow turnover times on payouts made policyholders unhappy. This led to an increase in operating costs and a decrease in productivity. The company sought Cognizant’s insurance technology expertise to optimize its claims process to clear claims faster.

Our approach

Cognizant applied lean principles, automation, sourcing and organization design to revamp the client’s claims processing workflows. First, we analyzed the company’s 80 claims-related processes and created detailed workflow maps to identify areas of improvement. We then eliminated activities that added no value and standardized rote and/or rules-driven tasks ideal for robotic process automation. Next, using process analytics, we discovered the root causes behind delays in processing certain claims and developed automatic routing routines so claims are handled by the most appropriate teams. We partnered with the client’s IT organization and made core administrative changes to eliminate multiple handoffs in the claims adjudication process.

Optimization levers increase productivity

Equipped with efficient optimization levers, Cognizant created a greatly streamlined, highly automated claims process that includes an optimized claims information intake workflow which a single person can manage. Fewer repeat calls requesting information and more automation mean faster disbursements—and more satisfied policyholders. Productivity increased by 25% and handoffs lowered by 40%, reducing project costs by $37.4 million over four years.

25% increase

in productivity

40% reduction

in handoffs

$37.4 million

reduction in project costs over four years