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Case study

The challenge

SailGP is a thrilling sport that features intense, high-speed competition between 10 national teams racing identical F50 catamarans. It’s also out to change the world by putting social and environmental impact at the forefront of athletic endeavor. Since 2021, SailGP has operated a second podium—the Impact League—recognizing its teams’ commitment to a more sustainable and inclusive future.

SailGP collects a vast amount of sustainability data from teams for the Impact League, and wanted to present that data in one place, make it easy to access and understand by presenting it in a way which both excited and inspired fans. It turned to Cognizant for help to design a new, interactive and sustainable digital fan experience

Our approach

The initial workshops we held with SailGP drew out the breadth of its vision for the Impact League,  and how Cognizant could help. We guided SailGP to start small, with a co-created minimum viable product (MVP), built using sustainable design principles, that would quickly start delivering a much-improved Impact League digital experience.

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Redefining performance across sports

In just 12 weeks, the Impact League digital experience was transformed from a single,  web page with a static leaderboard into a data-rich, interactive storytelling experience that allows fans to track the purpose-driven achievements of their favorite SailGP teams, anticipate the positive differences they can make in the world and start to take action themselves. The flexibility, scalability and adaptability of the new data foundation and digital experience will be able to support other sporting leagues who want to make a positive difference to the future of the planet.


increase in unique visitors to the Impact League site 


increase in Impact League page views


increase in interactions with the Impact League dashboard