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Ensuring a diverse workforce

We continuously seek exceptional associates when recruiting new employees. We pride ourselves on having extensive experience working with clients in all major industries.
Our employees are central to Cognizant's exceptional client service and industry-leading growth.
  • We consistently earn high scores in our annual independently conducted employee satisfaction surveys, and staff attrition is extremely low. Our talent base has expanded to serve the increasingly complex needs of a growing number of clients.
  • Our domain expertise in key vertical industries runs deep. We leverage a wide array of solution accelerators, frameworks and agile development methodologies spanning the entire technology stack to efficiently meet your business needs.
  • We are committed to increasing the diversity of our workforce, including the number of women in management and senior leadership roles globally, via our Women Empowered program.
  • We are passionate about providing associates with opportunities to build valuable capabilities and successful careers. Cognizant Academy, career development tracks and other training and education programs empower our staff to reach their full potential.
Visit our Careers page to view current job openings.

Our partnerships for U.S. education and skills training programs

Cognizant® Skills Accelerator

Cognizant seeks to build a talented and diverse workforce that is passionate about exceptional client service. We are looking for talented professionals to join an exciting, full-time online training program with no out-of-pocket cost to you that will accelerate your career in a technology related field. This fast-track technology training program is a “train-to-hire” bootcamp designed for grads and graduating college seniors with non-STEM degrees who are seeking to advance their skills and prepare for a career in high demand technology areas; including software development, data business analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and IoT (Internet of Things). Cognizant is committed to investing in new talent pipelines and preparing people to make the most of the technology that can forge our shared future.

Pre-Apprenticeship Java Programming

Cognizant is expanding our talent outreach to prepare early to mid-career professionals. We’re combining paid on-the-job learning with unpaid online instruction to help you master the knowledge, skills and competencies needed for a full-stack developer career.

Central Piedmont Community College

The Charlotte, North Carolina, training is a 12-week, tuition-free, unpaid and hybrid pre-apprenticeship Java training program. Qualified candidates will have the opportunity to apply for a paid apprenticeship as a full-stack developer with Cognizant.

City Colleges of Chicago

The Chicago, Illinois, training program consists of 16-week, tuition-free, unpaid and hybrid pre-apprenticeship Java training program. Qualified candidates will have the opportunity to apply for a paid apprenticeship as a full-stack developer with Cognizant.

University of Montana—Aim Higher

Partnering with Advanced Technology Group (ATG, a Cognizant Company) and the University of Montana, Cognizant established the Aim Higher Program for aspiring consultants. Aim Higher is a 12-week training program, focused on preparing students for technology consulting roles by offering specialized business and technical courses, including systems analysis and design, data analytics, project management, information infrastructures, and cloud platforms and technologies. Students successfully completing the program are invited to apply for open positions within Cognizant ATG.

Cognizant Academy

Our in-house organization is committed to agile and accelerated learning to help Cognizant associates perform to their full potential.
We empower the Academy with key components:
  • A team of highly experienced learning and development (L&D) professionals
  • An ecosystem of access-from-anywhere digital learning platforms
  • Best-in-class content curation partnerships
This combination of professionals, ecosystems and partnerships enables us to deliver personalized learning solutions across the enterprise. Our work has been repeatedly recognized by leading L&D industry bodies such as the Association for Talent Development, Brandon Hall Group and the Learning and Performance Institute.