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Applying an evolutionary AI framework

Cognizant’s Learning Evolutionary Algorithm Framework (LEAF) helps you take complex, multivariate problems and turn them into a decision making machine.
Using advanced evolutionary algorithms and deep learning, LEAF can quickly analyze potentially millions of variables against business goals, weighing every option for its benefit and identifying the very best path to success.
This breakthrough technology lets you scale evolutionary AI techniques to solve complex business problems in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Industry applications


Healthcare professionals can use LEAF to evaluate patient diagnosis, medical test results, demographics and individual risk factors to identify the optimal treatment protocols.

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Life Sciences
Life Sciences

Researchers can use LEAF both to broaden bioengineering testing regimens and to target development efforts that personalize treatments based on individual needs.

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Manufacturers can use LEAF to improve factory floor efficiency by analyzing millions of variables and offering alternatives that can impact productivity.

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Insurance underwriters can use LEAF to analyze complex risk variables to move beyond empirical actuarial model, identifying new and creative ways to design policies.

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Greenhouse growers can use LEAF to analyze seeds, soil, temperature, humidity, how much light and what type of light yields optimal growth.

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Marketers can use LEAF to see what website content is driving activity and interest to determine the best design and architecture that will improve engagement and sales.

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Our approach

Our engagements begin with a clear understanding of the required business goals. Whether your objective is to lower costs, boost margins, cut time to market or improve competitiveness, Cognizant Evolutionary AI™ analyzes and prescribes the best actions for reaching your goals on your timeline.
Evolutionary computation helps generate complex models, solve problems creatively and consider how to best address challenges. Using algorithms to process generations of variable combinations quickly, your business can eliminate the least useful candidates, and generate new ones from variants of the most useful candidates through recombination and mutation. By repeating this process rapidly, Evolutionary AI makes it possible to identify the best approaches to create designs, build processes  and develop products.
Model optimization

AI and model building is all about finding the right architectures and meta-level parameters, and now you can do this automatically. Cognizant’s Evolutionary AI model optimization (evolutionary AutoML) creates models with high performance and accuracy to reduce the need for expert in-house talent.

Evolutionary AutoML extends to a wide range of applications such as those with little data or limited computing and memory. You can test tens of thousands or even millions of potential outcomes to identify the best real-world implementation plan. 

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Business optimization

Cognizant Evolutionary AI business optimization augments and improves decision-making in a very principled data-driven manner. It builds a predictive engine that helps managers maximize business results by recommending optimal decisions that apply directly to their goals.

Each evolution, or learning and optimization loop, identifies and selects better outcomes.

It doesn’t replace humans; it expands their ability to uncover the very complicated relationships that exist within their data and pinpoint the best actions forward.


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Evolutionary AI: The next big thing after deep learning

Learn how evolutionary computation helps find solutions to problems that human decision making can miss, by modeling the real world and uncovering the most effective, efficient, lowest cost and/or highest revenue generating outcomes.

Evolutionary computation enables truly creative AI

Evolutionary computation models can come up with creative solutions across an entire space. Use it to find ways to get to your goal faster and more efficiently.

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Explore, experiment and evolve

Our research scientists are unlocking the power of machine creativity to advance AI far beyond deep learning.

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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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