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Cognizant Cyber Threat Defense

The next generation of cyber security

Cognizant’s cyber threat defense (CTD) platform provides a holistic view of your IT security to detect advanced threats, suspicious user activity, policy violations, and related risks to your organization’s data.
Your desktops, laptops, servers, firewalls, routers, switches and other technologies generate an enormous number of data points that are vulnerable to unrelenting security threats. This use of technology in modern business can put your company at risk of losing revenue, reputational damage, incurring fines for compliance violations and create a competitive disadvantage. In-house or Legacy Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) solutions are insufficient to meet tomorrow’s evolving threats.
Cognizant can help with Cyber Threat Defense (CTD) solution that delivers the next generation of managed security. Our global network of integrated Security Operations Centers (SOCs) allows continual monitoring for all of your enterprise platforms for potential threats, addressing today’s most pressing security needs, such as:
  • Security Incident Handling
  • Threat Hunting
  • Trend Analysis for Threat Isolation
  • Major Breach Support
  • User and Entity Behavioral Analysis (UEBA) 
  • Managed Endpoint Monitoring and Response
  • Vulnerability Management and Response
The results: Increasing your visibility of both current and future threats, and reducing time to identify and remediate the risks as you expand your digital footprint.
Best practices for enabling advanced MSSP security

Advanced MSSP prioritizes alerts based on the likelihood they signal a threat, and the importance of the affected data and systems. MSSP secures your ecosystem by using AI and other technology, recommending detailed workflows for finding and fighting the most serious threats.

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 Key features

MSS 2.0 next-gen security

In an environment of relentless pressure and elevated risk, Cognizant’s Cyber Threat Defense platform provides an integrated managed security solution that can scale to the volume of data while ensuring you can focus on protecting your business against attacks.

Quickly anlyze and fix issues

Your organization creates millions—even billions—of security events per day, and distilling that data down to a short list of priority offenses can be daunting. CTD helps your security team accurately detect and prioritize threats across the enterprise, and provides intelligence that enables you to respond quickly to reduce the impact of incidents. By consolidating log events and network flow data from thousands of endpoints and applications, then correlating all this information, we help speed incident analysis and remediation.

Know your enemy 

Threat intelligence is essential to identifying and responding to security incidents in an agile and effective manner. Knowing your adversaries, the landscape and their tactics can help you stay a step ahead of them. Our customized platform, powered by industry- leading threat intelligence feeds, adds context necessary to identify and prioritize critical threats to your organization.

Get real-time threat alerts

The first point of identifying an incident is based on the indicators of threat or compromise generated via alerts. With continuous and enhanced security use cases, Cognizant’s CTD platform detects known patterns of threats, which are then monitored and detected in real time by an advanced analyst team in a 24x7x365 service delivery window.

Contain, eradicate, recover

The CTD platform’s primary goal is to help deliver an effective Security Incident Management capability to your business. To do so, we report qualified security incidents to your Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), with necessary details to quickly contain, eradicate and recover from the incident.

Meet your specific needs

To adapt to your specific industry and company needs Cognizant’s CTD platform is offered via a flexible business model that lets you choose among Completely Managed, Hybrid or Dedicated modes, as well as a Basic, Advanced or Premium service set.


Optional added security 

Cognizant offers these additional, optional Cyber Threat Defense services, which can provide a holistic view of your organization’s IT security and identify weak links in your infrastructure.

Identify your weak links

Our Vulnerability Management service helps prioritize your vulnerable assets, then adds context to determine if business-critical systems are at risk. Leveraging the configuration management database (CMDB), we can:

  • Identify dependencies across your systems and quickly assess the business impact of changes or downtime.
  • Offer a comprehensive view of all vulnerabilities affecting a given service as well as those affecting your organization.

Get an overview of IT security 

Our advanced Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service provides a holistic view of your organization’s IT security to detect threats, policy violations, and related risks to an organization’s IT infrastructure. MDR provides deep insight using advanced security analytics on endpoints, user behavior, applications and networks.

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IBM QRadar powers Cyber Threat Defense

Cognizant Security has created a Managed Security Services Platform (MSSP) in partnership with IBM.

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