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Cognizant Skills Accelerator

How Accelerator invests in you

Cognizant® Skills Accelerator, in partnership with EdX and Udacity, aims to equip jobseekers with in-demand tech skills through an innovative, sponsored upskilling program.
Upon completion of online coursework, learners will possess the skills needed to pursue a technology career with Cognizant. High-scoring participants will be shortlisted for a specialized Cognizant "train-to-hire" program or interview for a job opportunity. If you believe you have the skills to interview at Cognizant immediately, then we encourage you to apply to participate in an online skills assessment.
Cognizant Skills Accelerator is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis. Candidates may be placed in trainings with other education providers based on their skill competencies.

About the program


Cognizant Skills Accelerator is an asynchronous, online training experience.

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Industry mentors and speaker series
Industry mentors and speaker series

Some Cognizant Skills Accelerator trainings feature mentorship opportunities with industry professionals. Cognizant Skills Accelerator learners will also hear from Cognizant staff through an exclusive quarterly speaker series.

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Upon completion of online coursework, learners will possess the skills needed to pursue a technology career with Cognizant. High-scoring participants will be shortlisted for a Cognizant "train-to-hire" program or interview for an available job opportunity.

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No-cost, flexible, fast-track training
Cognizant Skills Accelerator is designed for job-seekers eager to develop a new skill and join the growing tech US workforce.

Format and cost
The training is virtual and can be completed with no out-of-pocket cost.

Skills-based hiring approach
Cognizant Skills Accelerator enables candidates to be evaluated on their skill competencies as they compete to work at Cognizant, ranked #19 on Forbes’ World’s Best Employers’ List.

Who should apply?

See if you’re an ideal applicant for our Cognizant Skills Accelerator training program.


Cognizant Career Accelerator is not limited to applicants with STEM backgrounds. Applicants with an Associate’s degree or higher in any academic discipline are encouraged to apply.


Applicants with industry experience, specifically healthcare, banking, financial services, and insurance are preferred.  Prior experience in the tech sector is not required.

Skills and abilities

Applicants are analytical, driven and eager to start their personal journey into the tech sector.

Authorized to work in the U.S. (without restrictions)

Candidates hired through Cognizant Skills Accelerator must be legally authorized to work in the United States without the need for employer sponsorship, now or at any time in the future.

Background check

Upon completion of Cognizant Skills Accelerator, applicants shortlisted to interview must be able to pass a background check to be eligible for employment. At the time of employment at Cognizant, candidates hired through Cognizant Skills Accelerator must successfully complete a background check.


Can I work at my job and complete the Cognizant Skills Accelerator at the same time?

Yes! Cognizant Skills Accelerator is virtual and designed for working professionals. Selected candidates can expect a weekly time commitment of 7-12 hours.

However, if selected for an alternate Cognizant-sponsored training, candidates may potentially be enrolled in a full-time program, for example 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Will I have an opportunity to be hired by Cognizant after I complete the Cognizant Skills Accelerator?

Cognizant Skills Accelerator learners that demonstrate a high-aptitude will be shortlisted to either interview for a full-time role at Cognizant or be selected for an exclusive “train-and-hire" program. 

What required resources (hardware/software) will I need to participate in Cognizant Skills Accelerator?

Participants are required to have a laptop or desktop computer with internet access. Hardware Specs: Mac 10.13+ or Windows Professional 10+—no Linux—with at least dual processors (quad preferred) that are i5 or higher (i7 or higher preferred), and at least 8 GB Ram (16 GB preferred). It is requirement that you are able to download programming resources to your laptop/desktop for this training.