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Artificial Intelligence

Maximize the power and promise of AI

At Cognizant, we bring expertise and innovation to deliver smarter, trustworthy and secure decision making and intelligent automation. Enterprises that entrust routine tasks to AI and leverage machine learning for informed decision making are poised to thrive in the modern business landscape.

Case studies

We partner with our clients to drive solutions for their most pressing problems. No matter where you are on your data and AI journey, we'll meet you there.

AI ensures data privacy

for one of the industry’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

woman looking through a microscope
AI saves global bank $20M in fraud losses

using a machine learning check verification solution.

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Solutions for the modern enterprise

AI development

Leverage intelligent models to automate, predict and improve business outcomes.

Generative AI

Apply the creative power of gen AI to drive innovative solutions for today’s most urgent business challenges.

Visual intelligence

Turn images and videos into organized information for analysis and predicting outcomes and driving better decisions. 

Model migration

Perform large scale migration of existing models into cloud environments. This includes migrating the AI/ML models themselves along with corresponding analytical workloads and data. 

Mission assurance: Risk and quality control

Address impending regulations and core governance issues with AI/ML taxonomies and policies, data/model inventory management and technology enablement.


Recently published insights


Transforming finance: Gen AI's path to modernization

Find out how an unbiased appraisal of existing core systems can help you maximize AI’s long-term benefits.

prototype of a car


4 ways gen AI will improve clinical development

Learn how using AI to transform clinical development can lead to exponential revenue opportunities and renewed hope for patients.

medical professional looking through a clinical instrument


Wearable AI—a rising trend in fashion and productivity

Uncover how wearable AI offers the potential for improved productivity, safety and convenience—despite challenges standing in the way.

woman looking at multiple options displayed on screen

Explore more services

Learn more about other services that can enhance data and AI in your business:

Quality engineering and assurance

Cognizant quality engineering and assurance—our robust end-to-end, ecosystem approach to achieving and maintaining quality of process, application and systems—helps businesses across industry verticals succeed in digital at speed. Simplify and modernize, improve CX, and accelerate business and technology change with QEA.

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Cognizant advisory services and solutions help organizations become planet stewards, reduce their environmental footprint and turn sustainability commitments into achievable milestones.

Skyscrapers with glass walls reflecting trees that are around it

Cognizant’s end-to-end security solutions combine deep domain and industry expertise with a future-focused approach that eliminates security blind spots and gives businesses the confidence to be bold, move faster and succeed.

In a server room, two female co-workers talking and further behind them are two male co-workers looking at the servers

Our consultants elevate insight and experiences to help clients strategize, unify business and technology architectures, generate growth and enable competitive advantage.

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Mykola Hayvanovych

Global AI Lead

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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.