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Scale to meet operational demands—without increasing operational costs.

RPA-as-a-Service allows insurers to adapt to new demands with a level of flexibility and operational predictability that is difficult to achieve with a human workforce alone. For tasks that are labor-intensive or time-consuming, robots serve as a new digital workforce, yielding greater levels of consistency and accuracy than can be achieved with manual effort.
HPA, a Cognizant company, is the leading RPA-as-a-Service provider for insurers seeking secure, reliable intelligent automation solutions. As a proven automation center of excellence, HPA uses proprietary technology and an extensive reusable code library to deliver scalable RPA programs that accelerate ROI and reduce total cost of ownership.
Instant scalability
Instant scalability

With unlimited robot instances your digital workforce can scale effortlessly with fluctuations in work volume.

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Consistent, accurate outcomes
Consistent, accurate outcomes

Deliver successful outcomes, allowing your staff to focus on tasks that bring greater value to your business and customers.

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24/7 processing
24/7 processing

Achieve business continuity and normalize operations in uncertain times with a digital workforce ready to process work at any time.

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Cognizant RPA-as-a-Service for insurance

Automate tasks for key processes across systems including Sedgwick viaOne, Guidewire, Xactanalysis, Duck Creek and other insurance platforms.

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Global Markets Leader HPA, A Cognizant Company

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Venture Leader HPA, A Cognizant Company

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