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Driving connected customer experiences

Building on a Salesforce foundation, we leverage our CX expertise to create new digital experiences for your customers at scale.
Cognizant’s consultative approach allows you to extract the full value of Salesforce Customer 360. Our global partnership and collaboration with Salesforce ensures that we have a deep understanding of both traditional Salesforce cloud products and the latest innovations.
Our designers, technologists and industry experts represent one of the industry’s largest pools of Salesforce-certified consultants which enables us to:
  • Bring a strong cross-industry focus to global clients
  • Leverage Salesforce’s rapid application development platform to create modern CX, optimize sales and marketing, and launch communities for collaboration
  • Drive next-gen business disruptions based on UX tools such as Salesforce Lightning and AI technologies like Salesforce Einstein
Creating best in class capabilities

Our capabilities extend beyond the core cloud offerings spanning Digital Process Automation, Enterprise Integration and Sales & Industry Transformation.

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A digital force for transformation

Cognizant uses the Salesforce Customer 360 to bring digital to life—and grow your customers’ mindshare.

Leveraging Salesforce as a native cloud platform, Cognizant offers a breadth of services spanning digital strategy and experience design. Our focused approach helps clients create connected products and services, as well as deploy new business models for growth.

Personalization in Real Time

As an experience-first company and the world leader in data and AI, Cognizant helps you realize the benefits of a more intuitive operating model -- integrating the data you already have with real-time behavioral insights to activate deeply personalized experiences for your customers.

Cognizant’s Salesforce Data Cloud Navigator enables you to identify impactful business use cases faster, and provides the tools to harmonize trusted data ready for activation in the Salesforce enterprise.

Design thinking for cloud

Cognizant Digital Experience is our specialized unit focusing on Experience Design strategy/consulting, design, creative and front-end development services. With our design thinking, customer experience and Experience Design using Salesforce Lightning expertise, we deliver digital transformation and modernization across Salesforce engagements for customers, partners and employees.

Recoding the Customer Experience

By embedding AI and internet of things into their enterprise applications, consumer-facing organizations can cultivate lasting and profitable customer relationships with hyper-personalized offers and services that deliver on the promise of digital.

Making sales more efficient and effective

As a leader in cloud consulting, Cognizant has a rich background in delivering sales and marketing applications and complex applications based on the Salesforce Customer 360. In addition to solutions for accounts management, partners, territories and sales performance, we offer multiple business solutions that enhance the value of the standard, off-the-shelf Salesforce offering.

Industry solutions for cloud

Optimizing the Salesforce platform, Cognizant offers many FullForce solutions and AppExchange products that rethink industry processes. These solutions incorporate the latest disruptive technologies, including smart devices, blockchain, virtual reality, AI, machine learning and more. Among them:

Patient Care+ (Healthcare, Life Sciences)

A revolutionary solution, Patient Care+ extends the Health Cloud using communities to unify the entire patient-care ecosystem around the patient. Single and 360-degree views of patient data from organizations' EHR systems, coupled with a wide array of features like 1:1 messaging, partner support and personalized engagements, all in a mobile-compatible platform, make it a tool to reckon with.

Patient Prime (Healthcare, Life Sciences)

Powered by Salesforce Health, Community Cloud and Service Cloud, this is a patient Engagement Hub Solution for pharma companies offering specialty treatments/therapies that require extensive collaboration between physicians, caregivers, insurers and pharma companies. The solution boasts of features such as document management, master data management, reporting & analysis and direct-to-patient communication to drive brand loyalty.

FullForce Mortgage Business Accelerator (Financial Services)

Built using the Salesforce platform, this solution enables lenders to treat intermediaries as customers, driving engagement and sales. Easy to use on laptops, tablets and smartphones, it streamlines processes, enables selfservice and gives intermediaries everything they need to do business in one place.

Mortgage 360 (BFS)

Built on the Salesforce platform, this digital process automation and communication solution works across multiple channels, providing real-time access to loan applications and other relevant data. Equipped with built-in algorithms to automatically calculate custom loan recommendations, it improves real-time collaboration between brokers and regional managers for faster turn around time (TAT) and smooth processing.

Customer Journey Mapping (Retail)

Developed using our retail and omnichannel experience across web, kiosk, mobile and social communities, this proprietary framework captures customer interaction metrics across various channels.

Cognitive Contact Center (All Industries)

Built on levers such as cloud, self-service, channels, analytics, AI and cognitive, this is an all -in-one digital solution for customer sentiment and tone analysis. Providing a consistent unified experience across multiple channels and scalability with prebuilt connectors to leading CRM products like SFDC, D365, Pega, SAP make it a robust tool for contact center transformation across any industry.

Digital Employee Hub (All Industries)

Digital Employee Hub helps employees create individual experiences, connect anytime from anywhere and collaborate with others, cutting across boundaries and serving employees like customers. With rich digital content delivery and a constant feedback mechanism, it delivers an integrated solution accessible by anyone, anywhere, on any device. Built on the industry-leading Salesforce platform, it leverages Einstein, Lightening and SF collaboration tools like Chatter and Communities.

Supplier Relationship Management 360° (All Industries)

Built on the Salesforce platform, this tool provides end-to-end lifecycle management, from supplier onboarding, surveys and ongoing audits/management through supplier phase-out.  It boasts a single view across all stakeholders, supplier interaction management & coordination, survey management and consequence management. It is a collaboration portal for suppliers for accessing documents and scorecards that helps lower supplier spend and TAT, and improve their satisfaction score.

Driving integration at scale

As MuleSoft’s global strategic systems integration partner, Cognizant is driving digital integration at scale for our customers. Through our “Power of Three” digital proposition—Cognizant, Salesforce and MuleSoft—we leverage the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform™ and prebuilt integration patterns to accelerate transformation. Our Salesforce clients gain a 360-degree view of their customers and enhanced innovation.

With MuleSoft now a part of Salesforce, the Anypoint Platform is even better positioned to help your organization connect enterprise information across multiple cloud and legacy data sources. Cognizant has the depth of experience to bring forth the most value from the Anypoint Platform as you transform your business in the digital era.

Systems approach to safe working

As the world navigates the process of emerging from the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, enabling employees’ safe return to work requires extensive and meticulous monitoring and management of their well-being. Cognizant® Safe Workforce, in partnership with Salesforce and built on the platform helps manage workplace readiness and uses information as a springboard for a healthier workforce.

Our solution complements the capabilities of, with data access, staffing support and integration expertise. Cognizant Safe Workforce is a clear and compelling option for companies seeking viable return-to-work programs and long-term resilience.

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