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Build an ecosystem for intelligent orchestration

As our clients transform for the future, they recognize that years of existing growth investments were made in silos. Going forward, winning brands must find a way to break down these silos and redefine experiences.

The ability to deliver best-in-class experiences requires businesses to be run with an enterprise ecosystem consisting of orchestrated technologies and processes working in harmony. This approach provides an inherent brand advantage that enables companies to work smarter, be more resilient and outpace the competition, to deliver market-leading capabilities and unlock pathways for growth.

Cognizant's Revenue Management practice was formed in 2018 through the acquisition of ATG, a leader in Quote to Cash solution services to both commercial and large enterprise brands. As leaders in cloud computing and SaaS consulting, we help our customers achieve critical outcomes, and successful outcomes are rooted in understanding the end-to-end people, process and technology for managing customers and revenue.



Expand your offerings or change your business model

Revenue management strategy services help organizations make sense of transformation that takes the business beyond software deployment. We help you understand the journey of transformation as an ongoing process that takes your organization from where it is now, to where it needs to be—ready for the future.

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Building revenue management into your business

Finding the best technology deployment provider is key to a successful implementation—a trusted advisor who has the expertise and flexibility to guide your software implementation from start to finish.

Cognizant’s revenue management experts bring the tools, templates and best practices to ensure your business goes live on time and on budget.

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Maximize your technology investment

Our post-deployment services help organizations realize the full potential of their technology investment. We have flexible plans, global resources and the ability to service organizations of all sizes, including medium and large enterprise clients.

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Our differentiators 

How experience and know-how cut client risk and boost business outcomes

Cognizant’s Atlas® Framework is designed to enable a reliable, on-time, on-budget delivery for projects of varying complexity and size Salesforce-wide.

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Managing customers and revenue: The people, processes, tech and outcomes

The Monetization Ecosystem® provides a comprehensive view of all that’s relevant to managing customers and revenue in rapidly evolving industries.

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Speed development and deployment with our Salesforce productivity tool

Save time and reduce errors with Cognizant’s Fusekit®—the cloud-based Salesforce configuration, development, deployment and data migration toolkit.

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Our revenue management partners

Cognizant’s proven methodologies, tools and training techniques are the foundation upon which we have become the most trusted implementation partner in the industry. We empower inspiring transformations for our clients across multiple platforms.


Streamline revenue lifecycle management and drive efficient revenue growth and optimization with an end-to-end solution powered by Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

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DocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they navigate their systems of agreement.

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Xactly provides cloud-based enterprise software and services that optimize sales performance management and sales compensation.

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Conga drives predictable revenue by aligning processes, teams and technology under a unified data model throughout the revenue management lifecycle.

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BillingPlatform empowers businesses with innovative software solutions to optimize revenue generation through every stage of the customer lifecycle. It powers growth through operational agility and a frictionless customer experience.

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The Gotransverse intelligent billing platform is a leading cloud-based billing and monetization platform that enables one-time, recurring or any combination of usage-based billing.

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Our capabilities

Revenue management transformation

Cognizant’s revenue management team guides clients through transforming experiences, re-imagining processes and modernizing technology within the sales-to-revenue landscape. Leverage our expertise to boost sales agility, sustainable growth and profitability.

Future-proof your technology stack

Let Cognizant evaluate your current state revenue management processes and technology. With decades of experience in revenue management, we can optimize your revenue management technology stack with an assessment of your organization’s use and configuration and guide you through the vendor RFP and selection process.

We have a host of revenue management health checks available from the following vendor offerings designed to identify potential deficiencies in previously implemented solutions:

Drive process and technology orchestration

Great experiences are moving from being technology-enabled to technology-orchestrated. Harmonizing our clients’ processes and technology is the core of what the revenue management team does, implementing a full suite of offerings from CPQ and billing to contract management and commissions. 

We work closely with clients and their key stakeholders to deliver business outcomes that ignite the selling process and customer interactions.

Grow your business on a strong foundation

Intelligently orchestrated technology is bookended by innovative and comprehensive architecture and deployment strategies moored in operational industry best practices.

Our deep practical knowledge of account hierarchy and product catalog databases ensures data integrity and allows our clients to go to market faster with new monetization strategies and product offerings. 

Learn more here:

Modernize the movement of data from quote to revenue

Modernizing and migrating data can be a daunting task for any organization, particularly when dealing with databases in disparate systems or from an acquired company.

Cognizant’s revenue management team has the expertise to do a full migration or provide your company’s internal resources with guidance and best practices to complete the task.

Get the most from your software implementation

Cognizant offers post-deployment support for revenue management implementations to assist with training employees and optimizing user adoption. We also provide staff augmentation to assist your existing IT staff with critical subject matter experts who can address domain- or solution-specific issues.

Sales-to-revenue transformation across multiple domains

Cognizant’s expertise spans all technology domains across the quote-to-revenue spectrum.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

CPQ bridges the gap between front- and back-end systems and assists companies in the lead-to-order and lead-to-cash processes.

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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

CLM enables the processes of creating, negotiating and executing all the legal obligations, contracts and agreements for an organization.

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Order Management
Order Management

Order Management efficiently tracks and fulfills sales and service orders, and includes the people, processes and technology that create a positive CX.

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For companies whose product offerings include more dynamic relationships with their customers, enterprise billing supports usage, recurring and non-recurring charges.

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Commissions (SPM)
Commissions (SPM)

Sales Performance Management is the strategy of a company’s revenue operations functions. It aims to enhance efficiency and results, and optimize sales processes.

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B2B Commerce
B2B Commerce

B2B commerce facilitates transactions between businesses within the supply chain, driving efficiency and expanding opportunities through digital platforms.

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Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.