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Discover The Future of Work

After the virus the world is going to be quite different. Whether the current lockdown lasts weeks or months (heaven help us, years?) very little will remain unchanged by Covid-19.

In this Special Report the team from Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work consider what the world will look in 2023 – a period far enough away for the implications of the virus to have materially changed things, but not so far away that pure idle speculation reigns supreme.

The report examines how education, health, shopping and entertainment will become more virtual. How houses will be retrofitted with dedicated home office spaces as working at home becomes the norm, not the exception. It suggests that travel will become a last, not first, resort. It argues that the environmental agenda will gather momentum as we realize the virus is a scream for help from a planet that has added 6 billion people in under 100 years. And it outlines how the virus will force a reckoning of how we treat aging, and how we regard privacy.

We write as if we are in 2025. We look back on the changes that occurred in the days, months, and years following the great crisis of 2020. Propelling ourselves forward allows us to chart a path forward and provide lead indicators of what is to come. And suggest that there is a future of work.

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