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“Why did music hall die out? Because it was sh-te”. Alexei Sayle The nostalgics who are clogging up your group, department,...

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“Why did music hall die out? Because it was sh-te”. Alexei Sayle

The nostalgics who are clogging up your group, department, BU, or company, have simply not come to terms with the wisdom dispensed in the epigram above, from the great 20th Century English Philosopher, Alexei Sayle. The reason things die is because they are not very good and they are superseded by things that are better.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that the things that you’ve loved, or built, or monetized, or that have comforted or amused you are not very good. Sometimes it takes superhuman effort to admit that and move on. Oftentimes, people can’t do this at all. These people (companies) are called dinosaurs.

Being a dinosaur isn’t a great idea. Remember, dinosaurs died before most of the fun on earth started.

Here to help you come to terms with what you need to do to not be a dinosaur is a list of 50 things that are dying out and the things that are better that are replacing them. If you’re attached to something that is dying out, I’d recommend you unattach yourself pdq.

Of course, my list is subjective, and you can argue the merits of one thing or another. But I trust you’ll get the idea. (Oh, and by the way, my list isn’t that subjective ...)


Texting is better than talking.

Spotify is better than your music collection (of whatever form factor).

Netflix is better than TV.

The New York Times’ app is better than its newspaper.

Uber is better than sticking your arm up in the air.

Watching is better than doing.

Emoji’s are better than grammar.

Hotel Tonight is better than your corporate travel department.

Fast is better than slow.

Downtown is better than a suburban office park.

Skinny is better than flared.

Black is better than khaki.

LinkedIn is better than your blog.

Carpool Karaoke is better than the carpool. Or Karaoke.

Goodreads is better than your book club.

Skype is better than AT&intzonmobile.

Facebook is better than letters and postcards.

Mint is better than your bank.

Listening is better than reading.

Artificial Intelligence is better than real stupidity.

Augmented reality is better than reality.

Venmo is better than cash or credit.

Light is better than heavy.

Binging is better than once a week.

Inside is better than outside.

GarageBand is better than a $1,000 a day studio.

Dropbox is better than email.

Voice is better than touch.

On-demand is better than on-premise.

Leasing is better than buying.

Pinterest is better than your notebook.

Smart is better than dumb.

Wireless is better than wired.

Filtered is better than unfiltered.

Amazon is better than the big-box store.

Searching is better than asking.

Snapchat is better than a whisper.

Shifted is better than real-time.

Pictures are better than explanations.

5.5 inches of screen 6 inches from your eyes with headphones on is better than 70 inches of screen 8 feet from your eyes with no headphones on.

Algorithms are better than serendipity.

WhatsApp is better than having people over.

Twitter is better than TV news.

Khan Academy is better than your local community college.

Shake Shack is better than Burger McKing.

Readers are better than swipers.

Sofas are better than cubicles.

YouTube is better than TV.

Shazam is better than memory.

The future is better than the past.


In 1910 the biggest star in English entertainment was Hetty King. Remember her? Of course not ... she went down with the music hall ship as it was replaced by better things ... radio, movies, TV. Some of her contemporaries did survive; Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Arthur Askey, George Formby, all managed to move on to the new technologies of their day. They managed to avoid being caught up in Professor Sayle’s withering contempt.

Better things are emerging all around us again now. Recognize them. Carpe the diem. Migrate, transform, adapt. The past was great, but it’s in the past.

One final thought; read the list again, but only the last word of each sentence. These are the things that dying out. It’s quite a list, huh ... things that have been with us for ages, yet now withering away.

But worry not. The future will be better. Don’t agree? Well then, you’re a dinosaur. Don’t be a dinosaur.

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