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Case study

The challenge

An international food and beverage company had limited visibility into its order and fulfillment processes and could not easily coordinate suppliers, distribution centers and shipping. It wanted to upgrade its business-to-business customer engagement capabilities with a new omnichannel, 24/7 ordering system. The company turned to Cognizant's manufacturing technology experts for a digital order management solution.

Our approach

Cognizant’s digital order management solution integrates state-of-the-art platforms, automation, advanced analytics and end-to-end visibility into the order management process. The solution supports multichannel ordering with Smart Intake, which extracts relevant data from multiple formats and speeds order processing. Once an order is placed, the online inventory is checked and confirmed with the target distribution facility. Order confirmations with the customer are done via email or voice, and then routed to an optimally located distribution facility.

Our solution incorporates a next-generation command center to provide real-time visibility into order status and delivery. To apply advanced analytics, the Onvida omnichannel front end integrates with the client’s Siebel customer database to generate real-time insights and better understand customers to improve upselling and cross-selling opportunities.



Cognizant’s solution improves operational efficiency and increases revenue

With Cognizant’s solution the company delivers a better customer experience and has increased its sales revenue. To further digitalize and automate the order management process for touchless order processing, we are deploying intelligent process automation, natural language processing and natural language generation.

$200 million

increase in sales


increase in revenue per order


increase in new item placement