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Case study

The challenge

A global business information company needed to upgrade and modernize a key part of its new customer onboarding process, the gateway to its product offerings. It needed to speed up the process, boost sales through new partnerships and integrate seamlessly with any partner. Because of Cognizant’s long-term relationship with the company, the company chose us to re-architect and modernize its match application, which connects each customer’s data with a unique identifier, at the heart of its business process and to migrate the app to a cloud environment.

Our approach

Cognizant developed a solution to meet both objectives using an agile delivery method. Re-architecting involved modularizing the match application into micro components to make the match process more accurate, faster and easier. This helps assure a deeper relationship with customers by shortening the onboarding and customer integration cycle.

The cloud solution enabled infrastructure scalability and flexibility at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). By building infrastructure as code, licensed database products are no longer needed and infrastructure provisioning time was reduced to less than four hours, from the previous 12 weeks. Because the solution is also cloud agnostic, the company can integrate with any of its customers’ cloud platforms, and sales partners can offer the solution to any of their customers.

Cloud-based solution maximizes the company’s growth

Cognizant’s cloud-based solution improved speed and quality, enabling the company to focus on sales rather than customer setup and integration. This made the solution not just a technical and operational advancement but a strategic lever for growth.


new customer integration

From 12 weeks to 4 hours

reduction in infrastructure provisioning time


reduction in TCO