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Case study

The challenge

IHG Hotels & Resorts, a well-known hospitality company based in Windsor, United Kingdom, controls more than 6500 hotels spread across 19 branded hotel chains globally. In recent years, IHG has experienced rapid paced growth, which is largely attributable to an aggressive acquisition and franchising strategy. This growth has contributed to unintended infrastructure and data management challenges, including difficulties sharing datasets across business units. IHG’s system relied on a hybridized model of cloud-based and Teradata. This setup brought challenges in the form of lack of standardization, complex security measures, limited scalability and difficulty performing cross-system analytics. IHG, seeking to modernize and improve their systems, looked to Cognizant to relieve these stress areas.

Our approach

Following a comprehensive RFP process, IHG selected Cognizant as the technical implementation partner for IHG’s conversion to an entirely cloud-based platform. Cognizant assembled a robust team of Google Cloud experts, performed a thorough analysis and identified options that would allow IHG to realize its objectives for improvement without experiencing any delays or disruptions in normal business activities.

We focused on achieving an end-to-end implementation, using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technology stack. This included leveraging Google Cloud Data Fusion, which is a new, fully managed, cloud-native toolset that is used to build and implement ETL data pipelines for integration. Using the GCP stack allowed for the previously hybrid system to be completely cloud based.

The team successfully delivered on a multiyear, cross-functional program that included migrating and redesigning 320TB of informational data from Teradata to Google BigQuery. Our efforts created a modern, cloud-based platform designed to support the future growth of IHG's expanding businesses and franchises.

Cognizant streamlines data processes for IHG

Cognizant delivered all program outcomes on time and within budget, despite project delays due to the pandemic. Using the newly created system, IHG was able to unlock insights from data that was previously unavailable. We reduced licensing costs by 33% by removing Teradata, BO and SAS licenses. By leveraging our Cognizant’s proprietary CDIT conversion tools, our client achieved a faster time-to-market. Our solution also resulted in a 30% to 40% improvement in reporting performance. The new solution reduced data redundancy and improved data governance. It also reduced IHG’s dependency on technical teams and increased compliance and adaptability when it comes to ever-evolving data privacy guidelines.


saved from cancelled licensing costs


faster time-to-market by leveraging CDIT tools


data moved to Google Cloud Platform BigQuery