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Case study

The challenge

A leading global equipment rental company recognized that it lagged behind the competition in adopting digital strategies for operations and customer-facing services. Despite being an early adopter of sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT), the company suffered from performance impediments and revenue leaks due to inefficient data capture in the field. Lacking a clear approach to digital innovation and without the ability to derive insights from telemetry data, the company reached out to Cognizant, a long-term partner, to help achieve operational savings.

Our approach

Cognizant created solutions to derive new value from the client’s IoT and logistics framework by capitalizing on its telematics infrastructure and leveraging data about vehicle maintenance status, operator behavior, geographic location and other performance aspects from sensors on its heavy equipment fleet. We created a mobile tool that leverages IoT data to improve efficiency. The tool automatically sends alerts to employees when the rental company’s equipment enters or leaves a site and provides GPS to pinpoint an asset’s exact location for swift pick up, thus saving time.

Better access to equipment location and usage drives field service efficiency

Using telematics data enables new capabilities in managing equipment availability and tracking utilization. This includes real-time monitoring of equipment asset status and indicating inefficiencies like idling, under-utilization and misuse. Learn more about Cognizant’s Mobility+ program and our track record of delivering intelligent platforms, solutions and services spanning industries.

Nearly $10M

decrease in revenue leakage


equipment assets included in the telematics framework

1000 hours

reduction in time spent for equipment tracking annually